Professional Management & Consultation


Bleu Stream Corp offers a winning combination of technologically advanced products and innovative services that exceed our customers’ expectations again and again.

The Professional Management and Consultation division at Bleu Stream Corp. is made up of a diverse group of seasoned professionals who will work together to determine cost effective and efficient solutions to overcome your most challenging business issues, improve business processes, and identify opportunities. Clients and business partners alike have come to rely on our Management and Consultation services to help them experience increased growth and boost business development.

  •  IT Architectural Design & Development
  •  Strategic Marketing and Outreach Plans
  •  Website Development, Renovation and Maintenance
  •  Clearinghouse and Information Center Operations
  •  SEO Optimization and Advertising Strategies
  •  Instructional Design and Educational Technology
  •  Gap Analysis and Business Process Optimization
  •  Project Administration and Planning

Industry-Specific Model: Aviation


Bleu Stream Corp. provides innovative and dependable solutions customized to your industry. A case in point is the aviation industry. We are an ACDBE Certified firm providing concession management and operational support to airports nationwide. Bleu Stream has built its reputation as a trusted provider of superior and cost effective services to the aviation industry, enhanced by world class processes and a service delivery system that drives productivity and performance.

We are realizing significant growth prompted by our successes in the aviation industry. In addition to management and operational services, we have expanded our services portfolio to include Fuel Management Systems and Product Support.

  •  Workflow Analysis and Mapping
  •  System(s) Evaluation
  •  Parking and Shuttle Operations
  •  Facilities Management and Maintenance
  •  Administrative Support
  •  Fuel Management Systems
  •  Petroleum and Fuel Products